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ຮູບລວມຄູອາຈານ ວິທະຍາໄລກົດໝາຍ ສຳນັກງານໃຫ່ຍນະຄອນຫຼວງວຽງຈັນPhotos of teachers at law college, Vietiane, Lao PDR

Welcome to Lao Law College, Law college is located in Vientiane, manage and run under justice ministers, our mission is to to be the center to produce quality lawyers and justice works, cooperation with other Universities in nabour countries and around the world about human development in the area of Law and do research in the science of law.

The Law College offers a Bachelor’s Degree programme in Civil Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law Business Law and other services.

This Law College was established with a view to cater to the requirements of the legal profession, law teaching and research, and judiciary and it is expected that the students who study in this college will eventually become legal practitioners, law teachers or engage in legal research or enter the judiciary in due course.

To answer the needs of students, the society and government of Lao PDR, college has provided faciliataties such as space to study and educational materials, The college is moving towards setting up a better library with nice environment and provide open and world-wide access to all law related source documents.


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